RMB No 1-No 6 - oil on canvas - 130 X 262 cm - 2010-2015 beijing - new york 

The Renminbi series was also born by chance. A Shanghai businessman Stone knew asked him to paint an oil painting and offered to pay him five thousand yuan RMB without even seeing his works, this made Stonefeel that he was profaning art with money.

It suddenly dawned upon Stone: Since it's just about money, why don't I just paint him a RMB bill. He recalled the hardship he went through all these years in doing business without much success. He saw the money worshiping society with money controlling art and even people's lives. He decided to project his sarcasm onto his Renminbi creation through mosaic approach and named it "Zen mosaic". That is using paint color to cut Renminbi bill into tiny mosaic grids and then fill each grid with oil paint forming a complete Yuan.

In fact, using the mosaic approach is highly instructive of the current Chinese characteristics. Mosaic in China had become a hiding identity especially on TV and photos. People's faces or private parts of human body not to be shown are usually marked with mosaic, even pirated CDs are widely covered with mosaic. Using this very Chinese style mosaic covering approach to indicate by extension the influence of RMB on the Chinese society and even world currency carries a very special significance.

The creation of mosaic RMB series reopened Stone's art path. It took him three years to finish the RMB series involving six pieces of oil painting. And the result is stunning. Individual pieces of this series had been exhibited in Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum, 2012 Art Exhibition of China, as well as the solo exhibition at Chelsea gallery of New York City under the name of "Gong Xi Fa Cai".