From 2010 onward, Stone spent five years on painting nine pieces of mosaic currency works. His last one was the front side of US one dollar bill. It took him one whole year to complete.

After the completion of the first side of this one dollar bill, Stone was invited to exhibit in "The un (Scene) Art Show". During the exhibition many people were attracted by this bill art work and had their pictures taken in front of it. This gave Stone a whim and he started the planning of a three-dimensional one dollar artwork installation. He spent more than half a year on painting the back side of the US one dollar bill. Then he made a metal stand with his own hands and installed the two sides of the one dollar artwork together and "One Buck" oil painting installation was born.

Stone believes that New York is the best art museum without walls. He bought a trailer, modified it and installed One Buck on it, turning it into a mobile art gallery that tours on the streets of New York.

​In late 2015, One buck toured around New York as Stone's "Museum without Walls" art event. 

Since “ONE BUCK” is off on the streets, I am not able to tell its future nor am I able to tell my own future. Maybe we really do not know the future of our lives, therefore we are just living, we are going, not knowing whether forward or backward, we are just on the road, on the road of New York, on the road of life, on the road destined by our fate. However only in the best street museum of New York can art break through to the forms and walls to exist freely, to be appreciated by all. This is the aim of my painting and also the ultimate goal of the art I am pursuing