In 1987, Stone immigrated to New York and continued to chase his artistic dreams. In the creative world of New York, the base camp of arts, mentally active Stone found himself like a small fish swimming into a vast sea with his artistic creativity suddenly open up in full range.

At that time, Stone fell in love with New York's East Village art trend. Treating himself as a work of art he packaged himself as a work of performance art in such an outrageous and wild way that his head-turning rate was explosive.

In New York, highly influenced by American contemporary art and rock music, Stone turned himself into an authentic artistic youth. He listened to heavy metal rock music, taught himself to play electric guitar, and wore long hair and military boots. At this stage, finding that canvas painting could no longer express his various surging inner thoughts, he started to try woodblock burning and carving as well as various other media he could think of. At that time, his canvas was filled with strange colors and stunning skeletons. 

exhibited artwork from 1988-1994 

oil on canvas  -  mixed media -  Taiwan, new york