In 1996, Schutze moved on from being an artist to be an entrepreneur. After more than a decade of operating his own multimedia business in between US and China, Schutze returned to his art and started painting with renewed vigor.  He realized the business world and the art world were very much alike.  Everyone loves money.  So he began an artistic journey in creating twelve pieces of oil paintings depicting different currencies of the world one cube at a time. It took him seven years to complete 12 pieces of currencies including six Chinese RMB, four US dollars, one Hong Kong dollar and one Chinese Red Fortune. 

​After the completion of the RMB series, Shi Cun began to focus on the currency war. He used the same approach to present the two main currencies of the world the RMB and the US dollars in mosaic oil painting, demonstrating the silent Sino-US currency war taking place in front of everyone. To Stone, the creation of currencies is a tough war itself. Each painting is composed of almost twenty thousand mosaic grids and each mosaic grid is different in color. He had to tune the color stoke by stroke until the desired result was achieved. it takes him almost one full month to finish a painting of twenty thousand mosaic grids, meaning he had to spend five to twelve hours a day sitting there motionless painting. Facing such strenuous hard work, Stone named it jokingly " Mian Bi" (meaning face the currency in Chinese). Bodhidharma "Mian Bi" sat facing the wall for nine years. (Both face the currency and face the wall are pronounced in the same way in Chinese because both "currency" and "wall" are pronounced in the same way as "bi"). The emphasis was on the inner will power of keeping one’s thoughts in one piece whole heartedly without paying attention to the outside surrounding. Stone faced the currency with full attention to interpret the currency war in the form of art that in itself is a huge performance art.

Currencies - oil on canvas - 130 X 262 cm - 2013-2017 beijing - new york