The cross

the Ancestor 

Oil on canvas 


LONG 48"X48" Oil on canvas 2018.7

Oil on canvas 


One Buck will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my first oil painting installation that toured with me around New York in 2015. 

early work 1987-1994

Marilyn monroe

buddha lotus

This painting is the last one of my Analog Pop series, which consists of nine Marilyn Monroe portraits in my signature style 

Buddha Lotus was auctioned of at BeijingPoly Fall Auction 2017 in December for $150,000. It's a major milestone in my art career. 

The other side 

Oil on canvas 


Collected by Grimm-Museum, Kassel, Germany

Oil on canvas

Mixed Media 


The most recent work that I did for a collector. I collaborated with the collector to paint a cross in rosy pink color for his newly renovated highriser apt. 

A love story

One Buck

Current work 2010-2018